December 2, 2021

Amazing Astrology Facts That You Should Know

Astrology is, without a doubt, one of the fascinating topics about which people are eager to learn more. Many astrologers provide satisfactory answers; however, many others on the market prove to be a scam to make money. Despite this, there are many aspects of astrology that are yet unknown. In this article, you will learn about a handful of these facts that are not widely known.

The oldest horoscope

Whether or not someone believes in astrology, daily and weekly horoscopes have long been a part of everyone's everyday lives. Since people began practicing astrology, many people have been fascinated by it. Finally, the researchers reported in the Journal of Cuneiform Studies that the oldest cuneiform horoscope was discovered on April 29, 410 BC.

oldest horoscope

Astrology used in history

Although it is uncertain who initially proposed the theory of astrology, there is various evidence in the cave known as cave art that demonstrates that each animal carved on the cave walls is a spirit animal. These animals are said to have some effect on people if tamed in a spirit state. The idea of prophecy, where people might look at nature and examine it attentively, also known as tea leaf reading, was adopted.

Astrology was considered a sin in Christianity in ancient times

Though many people today believe in astrology, it was once deemed a sin, leading to the banishment of a catholic mathematician named Aquila Ponticus from the church in 120 AD. This was done to suppress astrological activities by preventing believers from even looking at them.

A 13th constellation was almost found

Many people feel that the number 13 is one of the most unlucky. The Babylonians, who discovered the constellations, believed in this theory as well. According to NASA, there are 12 constellations now because the Babylonians thought 12 was better than 13. Hence, the constellation formed under Ophiuchus was removed from the Zodiac calendar over thirty decades ago.

Astrology Facts

Horoscope may be different in Hindu or Vedic astrology

Many people are unaware that astrology is a reasonably large subject with numerous sub-branches. Vedic or Hindu astrology, which differs slightly from western astrology, is one such field. Hindu astrology is a form of astrology that originated in India and has the same 12 signs as Western astrology. However, the dates in this type of astrology are divided up differently from Western astrology, which could affect your horoscope's outcome. As a result, you must have some knowledge of Vedic astrology before comparing your horoscope results with it.

Astrology apps are most likely to earn the most in the industry

In today's world, most people are interested in what happened in their past or what will happen in the future. As a result, people are more likely to download horoscopes and astrological apps to their mobile devices. According to numerous estimates, the horoscope and astrology industry's income has increased significantly, with the most popular applications accounting for about $40 million of the total.

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